Lendflow allows you to pull credit data through our API or a data entry widget. Below are the details of the available Experian Scores. To see Dun & Bradstreet Data details please see the Lendflow Dun & Bradstreet Data Details.

UCC Filings

Companies that extend secured loans to other businesses file Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) documents with the appropriate secretary of state office to protect their interest in the asset.

This is the detail of the actual UCC filing, the information generally includes the date, filing number, jurisdiction, secured party, and collateral activity.


It is a process that allows a company or organization to get relief from their debts if they become unmanageable.

The information generally includes the date, legal type, legal action, and document number.

Experian reports on bankruptcies that occurred within the past nine years.


Number of judgments filed. This does not include judgments satisfied. Therefore, the judgment may be satisfied but you cannot tell or "match" the satisfied judgment.

The information generally includes: date, plaintiff, filing agency, legal type, legal action, document number, liability amount, and description.

Experian reports on judgments released within the past five years.


This section shows activity related to open tax liens levied against the company.

The information generally includes: date, filing agency, legal type, legal action, document number, liability amount, and description.


Intelliscore Plus is Experian’s premier business credit score model, providing an easy-to-use 1 to 100 percentile risk score. You can assess risk quickly and reduce slow-pay and write-offs, all while improving efficiency with score segmentation.

The score accesses more than 800 variables — resulting in an unparalleled view of your prospects and customers. You also can request consumer data on the business owner, creating a highly predictive blended score.

Intelliscore Plus can be delivered as a standalone report, combined with a BusinessIQ Premier ProfileSM or delivered as part of regular scoring of your entire portfolio.

  • A scoring powerhouse - The score and report provide key insights into a business’s payment trends, public record filings, collections and business background information.

  • Blended data option - Receive a blended score, with both business owner and business information. This is the most predictive for small businesses.

No self-reported data- All data behind Intelliscore Plus is third-party-reported, with no self-reported data allowed or influencing the score.

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